Director Gary Gray

Production Designer

Dominic Watkins

Set Decorator

Dan Birt

Assistant Set Decorator

Karine Branco

Belfast – Northen Ireland


Netflix American action films – Work on two planes :

The Airbus A380. One part was built on hydraulic jacks to simulate large turbulence zones & divided into several parts : First class – Business class – Economy class – Premium Economy – Galley – First-class lounge – First-class toilet.

The private jet built was built in three parts. 1st Part was fixed – Lounge, bedroom, bathroom, galley.

The 2nd part (galley & cockpit) was mounted on a pivoting frame and jack to simulate shaking.

The 3rd Part (lounge, galley, bedroom, bathroom) was mounted on a 360° pivoting frame. The challenge was to ensure that nothing moves or causes harm.

Mood board – sourcing – furnishing – dressing – creating – working in close collaboration with the both art diretors and team coordination between construction, upholsterers, special effects, etc.

Netflix Trailer